Apple benefits

An Apple a day keeps a heart attack away

Every fruits has its benefits to the human body. Banana are rich in heart healthy Potassium, strawberries rich in disease fighting antioxidants, watermelon is rich in heart-healthy and cancer preventing lycopene etc. But we have decided to recommend apple as the fruit of our choice due to its high antioxidant and fibre content, its taste, its ability to fill a person as well as its extremely low calorie content.
An Apple a day may keep the cardiologist away, according to a Greek Physician. A study has found that heart disease patients who have Folate deficiency are more likely to have a heart attack than those with adequate intake of the nutrient, reported Dr Lampros Michalis at the 20th congress of the European Society of cardiology in Vienna. Folate, a B vitamin, is found in fruits and green leafy vegetables. Michalis and his research group at the University of Ioannina Medical School studied three different groups of patients in Northern Greece-patients who had recently had a heart attack, those with stable coronary artery disease and a group of healthy people.
“We studied the difference in blood levels of cholesterol and vitamins in these three groups of patients and found that blood cholesterol levels or the subfractions of cholesterol seem to have little association with the incidence of heart attack,” he said.

Benefits of Apple

1. The disease fighting profile of apples provides a multitude of health benefits, including a potential decreases risk of cancer and heart disease.
2. Apples, known as a cleansing food, contain antioxidants, fiber and fruit flavonoids.
3. A number of components in apples, most notably fiber and phytonutrients have been found in studies to lower blood cholesterol and improve bowel function.
4. Apples are a delicious source of dietary fiber, and promotes weight loss.


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