Custard powder, Jelly powder, Cornflour

Use of Custard powder, Jelly powder and Cornflour in SAAOL Diet

Desserts like custard, jellies, ice-cream etc can be made at home using toned milk and their respective powders. These can be relished by heart patients as they do not contain any fat. Even diabetics can prepare these dishes using artificial sweeteners instead of sugars. However jellies itself contain sugar & hence are to be avoided by diabetics.
Corn starch when flavored with flavoring agents and containing edible colors is known as custard powder. Custard powder when added to milk and are cooked they impart thickness and creamy consistency and also give a special flavor. Custard is very common dessert which can be easily prepared and is popular in all age groups. It can be had either cold or hot as per individual’s taste.
One precaution that has to be taken is that custard powder should always be mixed in cold milk or water and then gradually added to the boiling milk with constant stirring. Otherwise there will be formation of lumps.
Corn flour can also be used in soup and gravies to thicken them.
Corn syrup is another starch product and is used as a sweetening agent in confectionary and other food preparations. For the preparation of good quality jelly, the fruit should contain adequate amount of pectin. Pectin substances are complex carbohydrates compounds that have the ability to form gels with sugar and citric acid. Good quality jelly can be prepared from guava, apple, grapes, jamun, etc.


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