ABCs of Diabetes

It is a disease where Glucose level in the blood increases due to a combination of obesity, lack of exercise, stress, wrong food habits, genetics and some unknown factors. This disease does not give any symptoms or difficulties to the patients and is often not detected for years. This disease has suddenly increased in number all across the world and has become a challenge to the medical doctors, hospitals, patients and the Healthcare system of a country/s. Every individual should know that what exactly goes wrong in diabetes. As we eat food – the carbohydrate foods get digested to produce glucose, which increases the blood level of glucose. This glucose from the blood has to enter our billions of cells supply them with energy. This country can happen only with the help of insulin- a hormone manufactured in our pancreas. In diabetes, because of low production of insulin or production of defective insulin- the glucose entry slows down. Thus the blood level of Glucose increases to abnormal level.
Diabetes is a disease of complications. People living with diabetes may have to deal with various complications as a result of their conditions. It affects the eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and blood vessels of the body, the skin, the feet and even the brain. You can have blurred vision, cataracts. The Kidneys work and large blood filters. Diabetes can damage this filters. Can manage diabetes can also cause nerve damage. With all complications, keeping blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fat levels under control will greatly help to reduce the risk of developing complications. Regular check-ups are essential to help manage the condition.
Diabetes can be control/ reverse/ cure by a change in food habits, regular exercise and walk, weight reduction, yoga, and stress management are the mainstream of diabetic treatment. In early stages, these can easily control/ cure diabetes. But if the disease has already advanced medical management can be added to immediately control diabetes. But if the diet-exercise-walk-yoga-weight-stress combine is continued correctly and regularly medical drug and insulin can be withdrawn/reduced.


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