According to medical science, this is also very normal condition of the aged and it starts after the age of 40 years and gradually becomes more with passing years. However, this is not a disease.
This memory loss has two most common criteria. One – these lapses in the memory are more loss of “Recent Memory” whereas the old memories are intact. People can easily recollect accurately the events of the past (like what happened on the day of wedding, on the day of earthquake etc.) but forget the name of the person, which was told to him/her two minutes back. You call up someone on the mobile phone and forget who have you called – when he picks up. You keep an item in the drawer few minutes back and then forget it.

The second criteria of this occur more when you are under stress especially because of “Shortage of Time.” Then these memory lapses become more acute, more frequent. When you are relaxed and have no time problem – you do not have this memory loss.

However, this condition is common and not a disease, it causes a lot of worry amongst the other close members of the family. However, there is nothing so serious about this problem. Medical science called this AAMI (Age Associated Memory Impairment).

Self Management

Cut down the stress if possible. Try not to be in hurry. When you are calm and relaxed these memory losses will become less and less. Try to keep your brain busy by reading new things, solving puzzles, playing chess and accumulating information. A 35 minutes’ walk and yoga of 20 minutes will definitely help. Keep a notepad with you – whenever you remember something to do – put it down on paper. Make a list of work to do for daily routine. Avoid alcohol and stress. Eat healthy food.

Medical Management

Not required for this condition.


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