Iodine is an important trace mineral, which is synthesized by Thyroid gland hormones. Though it is a trace mineral, it plays a very important role in a number of bodily functions. This includes the functioning of Thyroid glands, Nerve functions, Muscle coordination, growth, and metabolism and plays a role in Reproductive functions.
Iodine is very vital for thyroid gland functioning. Therefore, whenever there is Iodine deficiency, the body reacts to it by enlarging thyroid gland. This condition is Goiter. Providing enough Iodine supplements along with regular intake of Iodine rich foods are very essential to support medical treatment during disease cure.
1. Dairy products: Yes, dairy products like Milk, Paneer, Yoghurt, and Buttermilk provide enough Iodine. You can always choose milk & milk products for better food quality for Iodine. For heart patients, SAAOL recommends only 200 ml of double tonned milk per day. In addition, milk products should be from this 200 ml double tonned milk.

2. Salt: One of the most efficient ways to tackle Iodine deficiency is through Iodization of common table salt. As Salt is available at a cheaper price, every person can easily afford it. But do not forget to check for the iodization because not all types of brands are completely Iodized.

3. Vegetables: The Iodine content of Soil is responsible for the Iodine content of different vegetables. Vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, Potato, Turnips, Legumes, Cauliflower, and Soybean are s good source of Iodine. Cooking these vegetables does not have any effect on Iodine content.

4. Fruits: Fruits like Cranberries, Strawberry, Kiwis, Dates, Apricots, Apple, Fig, Pineapple etc. found to have the good source of Iodine. These fruits contain a good amount of Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals amongst which Iodine also one part.

5. Spices: Some spices like Cinnamon, Black, and White Pepper have some amount of Iodine in them. The not significant contribution comes from spices.

6. Herbs: Certain herbs like fennel have a good amount of Iodine in them. Regular consumption can really help.

7. Watercress: All types of Vegans consume Watercress, a leafy vegetable. This vegetable has a good amount of Iodine along with other Vitamins and Minerals. Therefore, it is considered the best source for Vegans.

8. Iodine Supplements: If food sources are not enough to cure deficiency, then taking Iodine supplements available in the market with Doctor’s guidance is the best option. These supplements contain Iodine in easily absorbable form so it gets utilize quickly in the body. But doctor’s guidance is very important to avoid toxicity of the mineral.


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