Right from childhood we have being learning the uniqueness of color “WHITE.” White codes for peace in the flag, coolness through linen, beauty through fair complexion. However, in context to food All White does not serve Right…!

Whites those are not right:

Rice: Rice to appear white has to undergo processing such as milling & polishing. These processes destroys 3/4th of its vitamins, ½ of it manganese and phosphorous content and almost all the dietary fiber. Choose Daliya, Oats.

Salt: Pinch of salt that adds to our food has 40% of sodium. Sodium is actually essential for balancing electrolyte levels in the body. American Heart Association recommends sodium intake anywhere between 1500mg to 2300mg. Increased sodium level alters the blood pressure, kidney functioning and force leaking of calcium from bones. One of the useful properties of sodium is Preservation. It has gained lots of importance in today’s fast food and ready to eat generation. Be little cautious while consuming. Read the labels before use.

Sugar: Sugar is sweet but not a healthy treat. Sugar crystals fails in nutrition quotient test as it just provides surplus amount of calories. 1 tsp. of sugar is equivalent to 1 bowl of boiled vegetables which provides vitamins, minerals, fiber etc. Choose natural fruit sugar or honey.
Maida: Maida before coming to your service undergo lots of suffering (processing and refining) losing ½ of its nutritional property. Therefore, it makes sure people consuming Maida suffers too. Check whether there is overweight issue, blood sugar variations, heart ailments, gastrointestinal trouble such as constipation etc. Choose Ata bread, Suji.

Whites those are bright:

Dairy products: Milk is a wonderful drink packed with protein, calcium, Vitamin B12 (especially if you are vegetarian) etc. On the contrary, as infant milk was the only source of nutrition until weaning foods are initiated. Fermented milk product (curds and buttermilk) contains a beneficial gut bacterium (lactobacillus bifidobacterium) that helps in improving guts functioning. Milk is also high in fat. Choose Skimmed or toned milk and products. For heart patients SAAOL recommends only 200 ml of double tonned milk per day or 500 ml of skim milk per day. And milk products should be from this 200 ml.
On the occasion of this Holi Festival (festival of color) let’s give away the whites and get colored Red, Yellow and Green.


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