What we can do in our personal level?

  1. Staying Indoors when possible. Putting air conditioners on.
  2. Avoiding outdoor activity when and where air pollutant levels are higher.
  3. Do not walk on the road when there are more vehicles.
  4. Plant more plants in kitchen gardens, home
  5. Always wear mask – especially when going out in the dust, fume areas. Even a wet handkerchiff can be held around your nose does prevent some air pollution exposure when you are on the polluted roads.
  6. Use Vacuum Cleaner in place of broom (Jharoo). This reduced dust exposure.
  7. Use AC in your home. Air conditioners now have filters to reduce air pollution hence it can trap some coarse dust particles.
  8. Cover with grass the exposed areas of earth in and around your home.
  9. Go solar.
  10. Do not wash your car in the driveway, wash it on the lawn.
  11. Dispose of hazardous chemicals properly. Do not dump down the drain, indoors or out.
  12. Car pool, use public transportation, bike, or walk when possible.
  13. Energy conservation or Electricity conservation.
  14. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

What the Government should do?

  1. Road traffic rationing,
  2. Increasing green cover along side roads,
  3. Sprinkle water on trees nearby the roads,
  4. Vacuum cleaning of roads,
  5. Promotions like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,
  6. Cleaning of rivers and water bodies,
  7. Planting of more greenery in the open areas of cities
  8. Strict instructions to construction companies regarding pollution,
  9. Reduction carbon emissions by focusing on renewable energy generation,
  10. Ban on sale of firecrackers,
  11. Crackdown on burning of solid waste and agricultural waste,
  12. Urging businesses to invest on solutions related to environmental sustainability,
  13. Issuing alerts and closing down schools and colleges during high pollution days
  14. Strengthening public transport system – so that less personal vehicles are used
  15. Reduce the number of vehicles in the big cities where chances of air pollution is very high. Charging for entry of outside vehicles into big cities (New York), restricting the car registrations (Singapore), Odd-Even Policy on Vehicles (Delhi).
  16. Ban On Entry Of Trucks,
  17. Metro Announces More Trips, Public Transport Buses Increases its Numbers.
  18. Implementation measures such as tighter vehicle emissions’ norms, higher penalties for burning rubbish and better control of road dust.

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