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Food is the first most basic requirement of any living being. But in the case of humans who are able to transform it according to their requirement, the taste is also added. Nobody demands a bland, tasteless meal. For us food is not just a way to fill the stomach, it just doesn’t fill our physical needs, it is also responsible for our psychological balance; even we can say it first touches our psychology than our body. What happens when someone asks you for a meal? Even without knowing the menu, we imagine for something hot, tempting, and perfectly seasoned with great aroma around us. And when we come to know about the menu- we can exactly feel that taste on our tongue and experience the fragrance. One could live without any luxury, but not without food of his/ her choice for a long time. If he/she would have to depend on unfamiliar meals even for 2 days, it will reflect in his/ her psychology. The mood- swinging, short tempering will become common, will also feel loneliness. That’s why people use it as a powerful stress buster also if you ever feel depressed just switch to your favorite dish and be relaxed, it will really prove magical. Taste is also a strong reason behind stress level of a heart patient when they come to meet a cardiologist their stress level increases automatically because they know the doctor will definitely ask them to drop all the foodstuff, they are craving for. That, instead of achieving a healthy lifestyle stressed them every time they go for a meal. And it’s obvious also, because how can a person change his/ her 50 years old habit in a single day and when the habit is linked to our life’s first most required need, we can live without a certain group of foods ( like the non-vegetarian group, dry fruit, etc.) but not without taste. In fact, even we need not discard taste from our meal to get healthy. Try to adopt SAAOL’s Zero Oil Cooking process and add taste with variety into your life. Taste is not a single thing, it really a combination of several senses including smell and the feel of the food in the mouth. For a meal to being perfectly tasty :-

• It must look/ appeal well.
• It must smell good.
• It must taste good to taste buds.
• It must feel good.
• It must sound good.

Till now we could say that good food is something that suited to taste craving. But then, can you imagine an apple without that crunchy sound, suji halwa without smooth texture, chana without aroma and gajar halwa of white color instead of red. The Indian mind is set from generations that taste is in the oil or ghee, whenever we think about tasty Indian food, a picture of heavy gravies automatically came in our mind. But it isn’t true that tasty food is always high-calorie fatty food, we can prepare equally tasty dishes with the help of zero oil cooking. The adoption of any change in our lifestyle needs strong willpower and courage. Thus the change should be realistic, that could be followed for whole life, It is also the main reason behind the success or failure of any lifestyle change program. We have already discussed that taste is not something that is related to cream, fat, or oil. It is something that lies in perfectly seasoned fresh grounded spices, fresh vegetables, or other raw material. Thus to get healthy life we need not cut the taste, just a little change of zero oil cooking can serve you, your favorite dish with some taste, along with other lots of varieties to choose from.

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