SAAOL Menu planning

For planning the meals, the daily diet should be chosen from all five groups (cereal grains and products, pulses and legumes, milk, and milk products), which ensures meeting the requirement of all nutrients. The fat group is excluded from the list for heart patients. The heart patient will get their fat requirement from the invisible fat sources i.e. from all the other food groups. With experience, one learns to choose sufficient quantity from each group. One group cannot be substituted for another.

A Typical SAAOL Menu

  • For Normal:-

Breakfast : 8:30am

• Bread/

• Dalia/

• Roti Sabji/

• Cornflakes/

• Salad/

• Cooked Vegetable/

• Chutney/

• Fruits/

• Sprouts/

• Egg White/

• Tea.

Mid Morning : 11:00am

• Fruits/

• Zero oil Snacks

Lunch : 1:30pm

1. Dal,

2. Subzi,

3. Chapati,

4. Rice,

5. Curd,

6. Salad.

Evening Tea: 4:30 pm

• Tea

• Zero oil Snacks

Dinner : 8:00pm

  1. Dal,
  2. Subzi,
  3. Chapati/Rice,
  4. Curd,
  5. Salad,
  6. Soup
  • For Weight Loss:-


  1. Fruits + Lemon Water
  2. Salad + Orange Juice
  3. Dalia/ Oats with a lot of veggies
  4. Moong Dal Sprouts with a lot of chopped salads


  1. Dal-Curd Mix + salad
  2. Dal + Chopped Salads
  3. Dalia khichdi with dal and lots of veggies + Chhach
  4. Boiled chana chaat with chopped salad


  1. Boiled Veggies + Soup
  2. Zero Oil Cooked Veg. + 1 Roti + Dal
  3. Boiled Veggies/ Zero Oil Cooked Veg. with Dal
  4. Mix Veg Salad + Soup

In Between: Fresh Juices, Coconut Water, Lemon Water, Herbal Drinks, Fruits, Buttermilk and Salad

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