Milk is animal food. So it has a high amount of cholesterol. As we already know that cholesterol is one of the main reasons for blockages. Everyone should avoid full cream milk and its products. One can take milk after removing the fat layer from the milk.

Though milk is one food for which there seems to be no substitute, as it contains very good quality protein and is rich in calcium and vitamin D, it has many drawbacks. It is deficient in vitamin C, iron, and copper. It does not digest completely and leaves a residue.

Milk rates second only to beef as the largest source of saturated fat. It is known that whole milk contains 3.5% fat i.e. 3.5% of the total weight is water which means that 50% of the calories of whole milk are from fat. Likewise skimmed milk/toned milk contains 2% of fat i.e. 38% of calories as fat. Although milk and milk products are a good source of protein and calcium, it contains large amounts of fat especially saturated fat and cholesterol.

We all know that milk forms the base for many sweetmeats (candies and chocolates) and sweet dishes like puddings, ice-cream, etc. Also, it is the main ingredient for many dairy products like cheese, butter, cream. Along with milk, the other main ingredients in such foods are sugars, refined cereals, and nuts all of which are very high-calorie foods. This leads to an increase in triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Therefore, the consumption of large amounts of milk and dairy products should be restricted. Consumption of whole milk should completely abstain and that of skimmed or low-fat milk should not be more than 200 ml per day. This will minimize the intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat which is necessary for the reversal of heart disease.

Ghee is a product of milk contains almost 100% fat, mostly saturated. Moreover, it has cholesterol in huge quantities. It is definitely bad for the heart patients and SAAOL does not recommend its intake.

Fat Content of Milk and Milk Products

Milk & Milk Products            Amount of Fat

Milk, Buffalo’s                                            6

Milk, Cow’s                                                4

Curd, Cow’s Milk                                       4

Paneer, Cow’s Milk                                     21

Paneer, Buffalo’s Milk                                 23

Khoa, Buffalo’s Milk                                   31

Khoa, Skimmed Milk                                  2

Khoa, Cow’s Milk                                      26

Whole Milk Powder (Cow’s Milk)             27

Toned Milk                                                   3

Double Toned Milk                                    1.5

Skimmed Milk, Liquid                               0.2

Buttermilk                                                   1.5

Butter                                                          81

Cheese                                                        25.1

Ice-cream                                                     12

Rabri                                                           20

Ghee (Cow)                                                100

Ghee (Buffalo)                                            100

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