The human body is a unique and marvelously designed machine; it has got numerous physiological functions working independently for various processes of the body like digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion, and respiration, etc. in spite of having individuality in functions and their role in the body these are very closely knitted to work in complete harmony, they do not compete with each other, rather, they complement each other to give the best of results and most smooth functioning of the body.

This amazing coordination and synchronization are brought by the different hormones basically controlled by the brain, thus it would not be wrong to say that the brain controls all the functions of the body until and unless they do not have any malfunctioning in themselves due to some infection or degeneration, etc. So, the brain is considered the real master of the human body.

All our habits and practices are basically decided and controlled by the brain. We do everything according to our mindset. Two people will have a different opinion on the same issues as per their mindset. But it is also interesting to note the tremendous change in opinion of the same individual on the same issue at a different time; this depends on the state of mind of that person on different occasions. 

For example, your children are running in the houses making noises and laughing, if you are happy or your mood is good you will definitely enjoy this, but in case you had some quarrels in the office or you have a headache then you might shout on them and ask them no to make even slightest of noise, this is called the state of mind which change as per the situation, it can never be the same all the time. It affects a lot on nature and attitude, a regular problem in the office can permanently change your cheerful personality into an irritable one, you lose control over your behavior once you lose control over your mind.

The same rule is applicable to diet control and emotional status. A completely relaxed and happy person could follow many diet restrictions easily, without getting irritated, but the same person might react completely opposite to restrictions if he is tensed or disturbed. A distracted or upset mind easily loses its temper, his anger could provoke on trifling issues. A stressed person similarly finds it very difficult to follow even simple diet restrictions; he/she eats much more than a relaxed person. Perhaps eating more or particularly that food which is restricted gives a sense of satisfaction and emotional security or it might be a way of taking revenge from oneself or it could be a sign of rebel as well: whatever is the reason, but it is a well-established fact that an emotionally stressed and tensed person would not be able to do any diet control compared to a relaxed and calm person.

Thus, for doing diet control it is must-have control over mind first, a relaxed and composed person has sensibility enough to judge for better food options and not to have what is bad or restricted, and moreover, he does so with personal will and consent, happily. This is not at all applicable for a disturbed and stressed person, he will get irritated with almost everything which might need control, as his willpower is zero, his morale is down and his natural enthusiastic attitude towards health and fitness has banished, and so, expecting diet control from such a person is an absolute disaster.

Like most of the other functions of life to work smoothly and flawlessly one needs peace of mind, similarly for diet control also it is must have a relaxed and calm mind.

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