A healthy eating pattern and regular physical activity are central to diabetes management along with pharmacotherapy.
Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) can bring about a decrease in HbA1c levels comparable to that brought about by some drugs, ranging from 0.5-2%.
A few foods are required to be avoided by diabetic patients, particularly those which have a high glycemic index like processed foods, cereals, certain fruits, etc. However, one must remember that restrictions need not be rigid, if the blood glucose levels are well-controlled diabetics can consider consuming moderate glycemic index foods occasionally but the quintessential fact is to not forget the key of moderation. Remember to stick to the recommended portion size of different foods.

Hand Guide for Serving:
A simple way of measuring the portion size is using one’s hand.
The portion size for different macronutrients in major meals recommended for a patient with diabetes can be measured this way:
1.) Vegetables (Non-Starchy Vegetables): Choose as much as you can hold in both hands.
2.) Carbohydrates (starch and fruit): Choose an amount of the size of your two fists.
3.) Protein: Choose an amount of the size of the palm of your hand and the thickness of your little finger.

It is recommended that each person with diabetes be actively engaged in self-management, education, and treatment planning with their healthcare provider in order to keep better control over their blood glucose levels thereby avoiding any complications which may arise as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.

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