Star fruit known by the English name of Carambola is popularly known as kamrakh or kamranga is scientifically known as Averrhoa carambola. Star fruit is a succulent fruit, it has a sweet and sour taste.

1.) Star fruit is rich in potassium and is low in sodium, it helps in the regulation of blood pressure.
2.) Carambola is rich in fibre which helps curtail glucose release and regulates blood sugar and insulin levels.
3.) Star fruit is rich in fibre and low in fat, it helps in lowering cholesterol and provides protection from heart ailments.
4.) Star fruit improves digestion and bowel health due to its high fibre and antioxidant content.
5.) Star fruit is a rich source of Vitamin B complex that is crucial for normal cell functioning and development.
6.) Star fruit is rich in antioxidants like Gallic acid and Quercetin. It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties.
7.) Star fruit is low in calories and high in fibre. It forms a good snacking option for weight management.

Star fruit is an extremely beneficial fruit, it can be consumed as such or in the form of pickles, chutney, jams, jellies and can even be added to juices. It is generally considered safe for consumption; however, people with kidney ailments should avoid it as the fruit contains neurotoxins which are harmlessfor normal individuals however people with kidney disorders aren’t able to flush these out well which can lead to potential harmful effects.


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