Desserts are quintessential components of a meal, as they impart a feeling of completeness; that of a wholesome meal. Everyone looks for desserts post a meal and sometimes land up opting for the wrong choice. It’s important to understand the healthy options easily available around you, jaggery is one of them. Let’s have a look at different easily available variants of jaggery and their health benefits.

Sugarcane Jaggery is derived from the juice of sugarcane after boiling, filtering, and churning. It is light to dark brown in color. The darker the better, light-colored jaggery is a sign of adulteration.
The Glycemic Index of Sugarcane Jaggery is 84.1, which makes it a high glycemic index food and inappropriate for consumption by diabetic patients.

Date Palm Jaggery is made by extracting sap of date palm which is then manually boiled and churned to make jaggery. It is dark brown in color and is available mostly in the winter season. As this jaggery ages, it gets saltier that’s a major reason why this jaggery isn’t available the whole year long.
The Glycemic Index of Date Palm Jaggery is 41, which makes it a low glycemic index food and is appropriate even for diabetic patients but do remember that even palm jaggery is high in calories and carbohydrate content, therefore; should be taken only in moderation.

Coconut Palm Jaggery is prepared from unfermented coconut sap. It doesn’t contain sucrose and is rich in iron and magnesium. It is the darkest of all varieties and is hard in texture.
The Glycemic Index of Coconut Palm Jaggery is 50-54, it has a moderate glycemic index and can be taken in moderation by diabetics.

1.) Jaggery is loaded with several essential micronutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, etc.
2.) Jaggery is good for the liver, it cleanses the liver and helps in building its glycogen stores.
3.) Jaggery being immensely rich in carbohydrates serves as a good source of energy.
4.) Jaggery is rich in iron it helps in preventing and even treating anemia.
5.) Jaggery helps in blood pressure management due to its high potassium levels.
6.) Jaggery curbs indigestion and boosts intestinal health.

The health benefits of jaggery are immense, jaggery serves as a great replacement to white sugar which provides no health benefits but empty calories.


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