Bio-Chemical Angioplasty

Bio-Chemical Angioplasty

The concept
When we visited a chemical factory sometime back I was told when the chemicals pass through a pipe they react with the wall of the pipes and create plaque like obstructions. Ultimately the pipes get choked from inside. When I asked about the remedy the engineer in charge told me they send some opposite chemicals in the same tube and the plaques are removed. It is something like a housewife puts drainex in the kitchen drain to clear out the choked pipe.

Similarly, it looks logical that something that deposited can also be removed. A mixture of biochemical (all safe for the body and in correct dosage) now has shown results of reduction of coronary blockages when passed through the body. These chemicals mainly contain chemicals like Anti-oxidants, EDTA, Vitamins, Isotonic carrier, PH balancing drugs. All of them are injected in the patient through intravenous route for a period of two and half hours to obtain softening of the blockage and a gradual reduction of blockage. The results become apparent within six to ten infusions.

The dosages of the chemicals vary from person to person; and an experienced doctor has to decide which patients could be treated with this treatment. Has this therapy been proved beneficial? Though this kind of therapy is being used by a lot of practitioners abroad and in India using different kinds of chemicals it has not been promoted by the heart hospital system. The main reason being that this is not so lucrative. Though it was not so effective initially the improvement came after the chemicals used to soften the blockage and withdraw it, was changed. Today what Saaol uses is the best of the combination.

The results of the Biochemical Angioplasty become more effective if it is used along with Lifestyle changes (Food, Exercise, Yoga, Stress Management, Lowering of blood sugar and fats.)

Why Saaol did not support this therapy initially, but now they have started this themselves?
Things are improving gradually all over the world. Dr. J. Whiteker in USA showed that only anti-oxidants and very high dose of Vitamins can help in clearing the blockages. Then we experimented this particular combination and the results were there. We tried this combination with lifestyle changes and the results were much better. Now we have adequate proofs which clearly show that this works marvelously. We thus coined the name “Biochemical Angioplasty”. The name is now being sent for Patenting.

What are the advantages of this Biochemical Angioplasty?
This therapy has minimal invasion involved in it. No admissions are required, the cost is very low. In some people the result comes very fast i.e within three weeks. The angina will be gone and the patient becomes free from Angina. Till now it was in experimental stage but now we have started using it in our Delhi clinic only, starting from August, 2006.