Chaulai is a short-lived perennial plant that belongs to the family Amaranthaceae. The plant is available in the summer season […]
Jujube or Ber as it is popularly called in India is a highly nutritious fruit and offers tremendous health benefits. […]
There are a number of bread varieties stacked in the grocery racks which leaves one befuddled about the healthiest one. […]
Both white sugar and brown sugar are derived from the same source i.e.; sugarcane juice; however, a lot of confusion […]
Desserts are quintessential components of a meal, as they impart a feeling of completeness; that of a wholesome meal. Everyone […]
The scorching heat from the sun in the summer days requires an unbeatable companion, one which keeps you cool, hydrated, […]
Garam masala is a cumbersome component of Indian cuisine. It enhances the flavor of the food and makes it more […]
Star fruit known by the English name of Carambola is popularly known as kamrakh or kamranga is scientifically known as […]
Summers are in some is the season of some healthy and tasty fruits, watermelon is one of them. Watermelon fruit […]
Aegle marmelos, the bael fruit is widely common in many parts of India, its sharbat is relished widely in the […]
Saunf/ Fennel seeds known by the botanical name Foeniculumvlugareare an aromatic herb popularly used as a flavor enhancer in a […]
Kiwi fruit is native to China, however; it has gained huge popularity in India and is loved by many. Kiwi […]
Moringa is also known as the Drumstick tree is scientifically known as Mornigaoleifera. Popularly known as the miracle tree, almost […]
Guggul is an oleo-gum-resin. Guggul scientifically known as Cammiphorawightii belongs to the family Burseraceae. Popularly known as guggul, guggul, guggulipid, […]
Cloves are the dried aromatic flower buds derived from the plant Syzogiumaromaticum. Clove is a spice that offers a multitude […]
Garlic is widely used as a flavor enhancer in almost every cuisine. It’s one of the most flavorful vegetables and […]
Ginger is an aromatic, pungent, and spicy herb widely used in Indian cuisine. It possesses numerous health benefits and is […]
Tulsi leaves or the Holy basil is a prestigious herb of India. Botanically known as Ocimumtenuiflorum it is also called […]
Rajmah popularly known as kidney beans is known by the scientific name Phaseolus vulgaris. It is native to Mexico and […]
Munakka is a dry fruit derived from grapes. It is known by the botanical name Vitis vinifera, it slightly varies […]
Giloy also called Heart-leaved moonseed is known by the botanical name Tinosporacordifolia. It is an extremely popular herb and possesses […]
Peanuts or groundnuts are known by the botanical name Arachis hypogaea, they form an extremely popular nut in the Indian […]
At SAAOL we encourage a low-fat diet to prevent atherosclerosis, eggs end up being a controversial food, let’s clear your […]
Onion known by the botanical name Allium cepais a commonly used vegetable that forms a quintessential part of Indian cuisine. […]
A single pineapple fruit consists of a cluster of hundreds of fruits, pineapples are native to South America and were […]
When seeds germinate, they grow to form sprouts. Sprouts can be derived from seeds, whole grains, and beans. Sprouts vary […]
Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a root vegetable also known as red beet, table beet, garden beet, or just beet. Beetroot is […]
Fenugreek seeds/ Methi dana an extremely popular spice of the Indian cuisine. It’s role ranges from a flavor enhancer in […]
Aloe Vera is a succulent plant found widely in India, the cosmetic benefits of aloe vera is widely recognized. However; […]
An incredibly healthy tropical fruit, papaya is often called the “fruit of the angels” due to its plethora of health […]
Pomegranate (Punicagranatum)is a fruit-bearing shrub. Its color, its symmetry, and taste make it loved by many. People love relishing the […]
Oranges are amongst the most popular fruits; their sweet and tangy taste makes them a highly appealing fruit. It is […]
Exercise is the cornerstone for the management of diabetes.Due to increased activity, the cells become more sensitive to insulin and […]
A healthy eating pattern and regular physical activity are central to diabetes management along with pharmacotherapy.Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) can […]
Type-2 diabetes is a commonly encountered lifestyle disease in today’s ‘fast-moving’ world.It is a lifelong disease that keeps your body […]
Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. It is called a “silent killer”, since most people with high blood […]
Chickpeas form an important element of several cuisines is it our Indian style chickpea chaat or dangoand hummus in Emirati […]
Nutritive value of Roasted Chana (per 100 grams): Roasted Chana(with outer husk) Roasted Chana(without outer husk) Calories: 164 Kcal Calories: […]
Enteric nervous system- the nervous system of the gut is also called the second brain. Enteric nervous system is made […]
Chocolate is usually made from cacao tree seeds. The most common plant variety used is Theobroma cacao. Chocolates are amongst […]
The immune system- often regarded as the body’s defense system- fights the enemies (germs) which include viruses, bacteria, and other […]
Heart disease is one of the biggest killer in the world. India has the second largest number of people suffering […]
Coronary arteries or the Heart arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood to your heart. These arteries can never […]
Fiber intake offers a number of health benefits ranging from weight loss to a number of disease management. Fiber intake […]
What comes to someone’s mind when they get to know of a progressive heart blockage. For most people, it is […]
Peanut butter- one of the world’s most popular spreads and loved by many. The melt in mouth taste and the […]
Mushroom is a fungus but is commonly classified as a plant. Mushrooms are reproductive structures produced by fungi, they are […]
Vegetarianism is gaining a lot of popularity since a decade now. Researches also suggest the potential benefits and disease prevention […]
The burden of cardiovascular disease is on the rise, it is estimated to be the leading cause of death worldwide. […]
Our stomach has an acidic pH (1.5-3.5), acid in the stomach is crucial for food digestion. It also acts as […]