The part of the brain called the cerebral cortex is highly developed- and is responsible for all our sensory perception, […]
Saaol is an organization which gives a complete non-invasive treatment of heart disease. It handles all cases of Coronary Heart […]
PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. That fact in itself is amazing, because it means that through research, man has […]
The thallium scans are tests that show how well blood is flowing to various portions of the heart muscle. These […]
Success or Failure? Today’s Cardiology Treatment. Can we not find out a Heart Vaccine like in Polio or Small Pox? […]
Saaol includes the use of Allopathic medicines in its treatment. These medicines have an advantage that they can work instantly […]
Cardiac Arrhythmia can be classified as: 1.     Speed of the Heart A rapid or fast heartbeat is when your heart is […]
From the moment heart begins beating until the moment it stops, the human heart works tirelessly. In an average lifetime, […]
RESEARCHES ON MEDICAL MANAGEMENT AND LIFESTYLE CHANGE There are several studies were carried out by medical science to compare the […]
Proteins are a highly complex substance that is present in all living organisms. Proteins are of great nutritional value and […]
Yoga is one of the most ancient assets of our country; it was developed in India before 300 B.C. From […]
Obesity or overweight is an emerging health problem in the western world where people are so rich that they can […]
“Santosh” will lead to “Shanti” and “Khushi”. These three Hindi words can be translated to “Contentment”, “Peace” and “Happiness”. Where […]
Human body is like a factory where 10000 billion people work in synergy continuously. All the work is divided properly. […]
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