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Revolutionizing Heart Health: EECP Treatment at SAAOL Heart Center

Discover an innovative, non-invasive solution to enhance heart well-being and address cardiac blockages: EECP therapy. Immerse yourself in the forefront of medical progress at the SAAOL Heart Center, where state-of-the-art EECP treatment is meticulously designed to optimize blood circulation and promote comprehensive cardiovascular health.

EECP Treatment Origins

The interesting history of EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) began in the early 1960s China, within the halls of a research laboratory where pioneering minds embarked on a journey to rewrite the narrative of heart health.

In this innovative laboratory, EECP treatment became a reality. A unique contraption took place – a set of inflatable cuffs designed to encircle a patient’s legs. These cuffs soon emerged as the unsung heroes of cardiac care. As time went on, EECP developed and realised its extraordinary potential. The cuffs, when synchronised with the natural rhythm of the heart, held the power to perform miracles. EECP cuffs would inflate precisely during the heart’s resting phase, lightening its load, and deflate precisely when the heart contracted, drive through a surge of life-giving blood.

Today, the history of EECP treatment stands as one of the most sought after heart treatment that is effective and long lasting. It emerges as the most extraordinary heart disease solutions in the world of surgeries and western medicine. EECP’s invention is an inspiration that is truly life-changing for heart patients seeking the best non-invasive heart treatment solution, forever altering the landscape of heart health.

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Understanding Angina: Your Heart's Message

The inner workings of our body is like a symphony, there exists a significant note that is angina. Angina is a message for your heart. Angina is a watchful reminder of your heart’s well-being. It occurs when your heart muscle requires more oxygen than it received through it arteries. Angina is reminder that your heart is working religiously and may need your attention.Angina says, “Take a moment, breathe, and allow me to catch up.

It is a reminder that your heart deserves care, attention, and sometimes, a change in your lifestyle – a healthier diet, regular exercise, or prescribed medications. It invites you to reduce risk factors, cherish your heart’s vitality, and savor each heartbeat.To maintain a balanced heart health, angina serves its role, urging you to listen, respond, and ensure that your heart’s message remains gentle – reminder of what is going inside our body. So, it is important to listen to your heart (Dil Ki Suno), its message lies the power to harmonise the workings of your heart.

Key advantages of EECP treatment

  • Effective Cardiac Care – rigorously researched, clinically proven and FDA approved regimen that enhances heart functionality by boosting blood flow to the coronary arteries.

  • Gentle Approach – compared to traditional surgeries as it uses inflatable cuffs wrapped around the legs, synchronized inflation and deflation in rhythm with the heartbeat.

  • Addressing Cardiac Blockages Naturally – by increasing the heart muscle’s access to essential blood supply.

  • Increased Vitality – right after 1 session resulting in elevated energy levels and an overall sense of well-being.

  • Refined Blood Circulation – leads to higher oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues.
Benefits of EECP Treatment

EECP Therapy: For Whom Does It Suit? Eligibility for EECP

EECP therapy extends a compelling invitation for those navigating distinct challenges or personal preferences in their quest to address heart-relate issues. The following eligibility criteria shed light on who stands to benefit from EECP therapy:

  • Exclusion from Invasive Procedures: EECP therapy emerges as a particularly pertinent choice for individuals who do not meet the prerequisites for invasive interventions like surgical procedures. It presents an alternative avenue for tackling heart-relate ailments.

  • High-Risk Profiles: EECP therapy proves invaluable for individuals carrying an elevated risk due to concurrent medical conditions. It serves as a non-invasive lifeline for those at risk of complications associated with surgical interventions.

  • Medication Efficacy Waning: When conventional medications fail to deliver the desired relief from angina or other heart-related symptoms, EECP therapy opens the door to renewed possibilities for enhanced heart health.

  • Post-Invasive Procedure Resurgence: EECP therapy steps forward as an effective option for individuals contending with the resurgence of symptoms following invasive treatments like angioplasty, stenting, or bypass surgery.

  • Infeasibility or High Surgical Risk: EECP Therapy presents a viable and secure alternative for individuals whose medical conditions renders surgery impractical or places them at a substantial risk of postoperative complications.

  • Persistent Chest Discomfort: EECP therapy caters to those experiencing enduring chest pressure or discomfort, which varies with stress or physical exertion. It offers relief and contributes to overall heart wellness.

  • Complex Coronary Architecture: When an individual’s coronary structure poses complexities that impede the efficacy or escalate the risks associated with conventional treatments, EECP therapy steps in as a pragmatic and efficacious solution.

What distinguishes the SAAOL Heart Center’s EECP treatment

While oils are a common ingredient in many dishes, they come with several disadvantages that can impact your overall health and well-being. Understanding these drawbacks is essential to make informed choices, and that’s where zero-oil cooking comes into play as a healthier alternative. Let’s explore some of the drawbacks of consuming oil-based foods:

EECP Treatment Expenses

As you contemplate EECP therapy, it’s important to know for yourself what are the accompanying expenses of this treatment. The cost of EECP treatment fluctuates based on factors such as geographical location, treatment duration, and individual health insurance coverage. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects, it is prudent to engage in discussions with healthcare professionals. Seek their counsel on the specific costs tied to EECP therapy within your locality.
Why low cost EECP Treatment?
The EECP therapy cost at the SAAOL Heart Center is thoughtfully designed to be competitive and accessible. Our commitment to your well-being ensures that you receive exceptional care that aligns with your budget, prioritizing both your heart health and financial comfort. We prioritize extending advanced cardiac care to all those in need.

Preparing for EECP Therapy: A Journey Towards Heart Wellness

Before you embark on you Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) therapy, a series of vital steps and preparations ensure a smooth and effective experience. Your path to improved heart health begins with thorough evaluation and thoughtful planning:

Before EECP therapy: The Foundation for Best Heart Blockage Treatment

During EECP Therapy: The Heart’s Renewal

After EECP Therapy: Nurturing Heart Health Beyond the Sessions

Embark on Heart Wellness Through EECP Treatment

Embark on a journey toward enhanced heart health with EECP therapy at the SAAOL Heart Center. Blending cutting-edge therapy with individualized attention, our mission is to elevate your cardiovascular vitality and rekindle a zest for life. Choose EECP treatment for your cardiac well-being, confront arterial blockages proactively, and embrace the benefits of an approach that emphasizes holistic wellness. At the SAAOL Heart Center, EECP Treatment Cost is reasonable because your heart’s health is our utmost priority.Begin Your Path to Heart Wellness by unlocking the potential of EECP treatment – an affirmative stride towards fortified heart health.

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Manik Tyagi

Best place for heart patients.. I have met patients there with two bypass surgery failed and got relief here. It is best option for all heart diseases specially blockages. The treatment of angioplasty and bypass surgery is very expensive and risky. Saaol proviedes a very affordable and non invasive treatment with very positive results in just couple of months. I know many people who got treatment here and are now spending normal life at there homes the best example is one of my family member. Not only the treatment that is cost effective and perfect the team of doctors is also very very cooperative. Dr. Bimal chhajer is awesome, he gives proper time and attention to each and every patient of him. Atleast join one camp by him (SAAOL). If you are a heart patient, before going for angiography or angioplasty visit SAAOL heart center once. Even if you are patient having stents in your heart or have suffered bypass surgery please visit SAAOL heart center. Let us beat heart diseases by knowledge.

USer's Reviews

Devendra Deepak

Saaol science.I have been following on YouTube since long time. Good and Very useful information i got regarding heart patients. I have also seen program on obseity and weight loss and following the same in my personal life and it helps a lot. Good place for heart patients to get right treatment. I also like program Cooking without oil. Nice program. Good keep it up

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In 2018 I was feeling very uncomfortable so when I got a CT Angiography done, my blockage turned out to be 70% in one artery and 40% in the other. Thereafter I was advised to go through an Angioplasty. I came across Dr. Chhajer's video on Youtube about the alternatives to surgery. Upon consultation I started my treatment and I followed his advise religiously. I must advise you all to have patience and follow discipline will help you heal your Heart health. I got a CT Angiography done after the treatment and my blockage came down to 40%. I am very Thankful to Dr. Chhajer and his entire team.

USer's Reviews


This Hospital is Located in DLF Westend Farms.(right behind the DLF Chattarpur Farms). You can reach here By Metro also. Just get down at Chattarpur metro station and take any Public transport to reach here. This is located on the Mandi Gaon Riad. This is the Best Place for the Treatment for the Heart Disease without any Surgery . Operated by The Doctor Bimal Chajjer.