E-magzine's Launched in May 2023

Dr. Bimal Chhajer's Talk

We have been publishing monthly magazine of Saaol for more than past twenty years – initially as “Heart Talk” and then as Saaol Times (and Saaol Samachar in Hindi). We stopped it a few years back during Corona Epidemic. This new news Bulletin will be maned a “Saaol News Bulletin” and will be published every month from May 2023. Every month we shall launch it on 15th day. This will be send to you and our subscribers by email, Whats app and other digital tools. Please feel free to pass it to your near and dear one’s if you like it.

Saaol, your own organization was started in 1995 with a vision of treating heart disease without surgical procedures - by removing the causes of heart disease by lifestyle, diet changes along with medical therapy. We can call it a conservative therapy without any alteration of the natural structure of the body. It worked well and for huge number of our patients. We basically could spread ourselves because of the word of mouth. We have now grown to 110 centers in 22 states of India and 4 centers abroad. We have now successfully treated about 5 lacs heart patients successfully. Saaol now offers four kinds of treatments – Lifestyle changes, Medical management, Natural Bypass (ECP) and Saaol Detox Therapy. Plus we offer Ayurvda and Homeopathic medicines to heart patients as an additional treatment. Saaol is also manufacturing all allopathic heart related medicines of a very high quality for its patients. Since there are no middle men or advertisement expenses these medicines are almost half the market cost. SAAOL also has two more NGOs – Saaol Heart and Research Foundation Trust (SHARFT) and Punyya Heart Foundation. The aim of these organizations are to get Heart care knowledge to people in general or masses.

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Food chapter

Zero Oil Spinach Rice with Tandoori Curry

As the name suggests Zero Oil Spinach Rice with Tandoori Curry! As Indian food cannot be made without oil or ghee is in for a surprise! No wonder a meal with delicious recipe of spinach rice which is made from zero oil, lactose free, no dairy and tandoori curry is a good combination of restaurant style and tastes equally good whereas Palak Rice is one of the Rice Bowls of India that is loved by all. So, Power up your lunch and dinner meals with this authentic Indian rice dish and boost your intake of vitamins and minerals with Palak which is full of inorganic nitrate and rich in vitamin K, and other source of magnesium & phosphorus as well. But the best part is that this recipe is a good option for heart patients as it is zero oil and moreover will be of great interest to all those who avoid oil and ghee due to health reasons or are trying to cut down on calories. So, anyone can try this healthy and tasty recipe.


Cholesterol for heart health

Cholesterol is a waxy organic molecule that is an essential building block for creating healthy cells. It’s also necessary for creating estrogen, progesterone, stress hormones and vitamin D. Our liver and intestines produce 80% of the total cholesterol content in our body, leaving the remaining 20%-30% dependent on our diet and a few other factors. These lipoproteins (formed from lipid and protein) act as emulsifiers, allowing fats and cholesterol to circulate. Once the body’s cell receptors recognize the lipoproteins, fat and cholesterol are directed into specific tissues to perform certain functions.

“Good” vs. “Bad” Cholesterol

When you take a cholesterol test, your doctor will measure the level of lipoprotein in your blood. Two specific lipoproteins, called HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol are what we commonly refer to as good and bad cholesterol. LDL is the major carrier of cholesterol in the body. When you have too much LDL, the molecules are consumed by cells called macrophages that get trapped inside the walls of your blood vessels. On the other hand, HDL removes cholesterol from circulation by carrying cholesterol from the cells back to the liver through reverse transport. The liver then repurposes that cholesterol into bile or other essential tissues. The higher your HDL levels are, the less plaque build-up you have. This is why HDL is considered “good cholesterol.’’

How Can I Prevent High Cholesterol

The good news is there are several measures you can take to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Perhaps the most important of them all is diet. The food you eat accounts for up to 30% of your body’s cholesterol, so you should avoid Tran’s fats and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Also, all animal products contain at least some cholesterol, so try to consume them in moderation to avoid plaque build-up over time. The following foods are high in cholesterol:

Instead, try to incorporate foods into your diet that are high in fiber (like oatmeal), omega-3 fatty acids (like fish) and polyunsaturated fats. Stick to plant-based foods as much as possible and use whey protein as a supplement if needed or the best way to reduce the cholesterol is opt for zero oil cooking method as oil secretes the cholesterol in body. By cooking without oil it will lead to reduction in cholesterol level automatically so try to cook without oil. Lifestyle is another huge factor in heart health. Aim is to exercise at least three times per week and quit smoking or vaping. Whereas family history, genetic mutations also plays a vital role in high cholesterol levels. If you do have high cholesterol, engage in healthy habits and get tested and treated more regularly. Whether your cholesterol problems are genetic or lifestyle-related, you can still live a long, healthy life when you take the proper precautions.


Pradeep Baid from Assam was troubled with a heart problem and visited AIG, Ganga Ram, Apollo, and a few other well-known hospitals in Delhi and Hyderabad where he got to know that he had 90-99% of heart blockages and was told to get a bypass surgery with 4-5 stents installation. Coincidently Mr. Pradeep got to know about Dr. Bimal Chhajer from his friend visited the centre recently and he instantly visited SAAOL Heart Centre, Chattarpur Delhi, and took a complete course of EECP and Detox for 40 Days. During the course, he followed Zero Oil Diet and walked for 1 hour a day including meditation and exercise daily as told by Dr. Chhajer. On re-check-up, Pradeep's report showed that his heart blockage was now reduces to 50% which was 99% blocked previously and this became possible without any kind of bypass surgery or angioplasty. Now he feels more comfortable while walking and no other signs of symptoms recognised by him and visits for his routine check and he’s happy from the treatment.

Mr. Pradeep Baid