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Heart Yoga and a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Heart

Embrace Heart Wellness:

Heart Yoga and a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Heart

Welcome to the world of SAAOL’s Heart Healthy Lifestyle, your portal to a holistic approach to nurturing your heart’s health. We firmly believe that the path to a heart-healthy existence extends far beyond conventional treatments. That’s why we encourage the practice of heart yoga as an essential component of your cardiac care journey. Our tailored programs encompasses yoga for heart blockage, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for your heart’s well-being. Uncover the profound impact of yoga on your heart’s vitality. With the guidance of our top heart care experts, you can immerse yourself in the practice of yoga for heart health, seamlessly integrating it into your daily life. Yoga transcends being a mere existence; it evolves into a way of life that not only guards against heart disease but also nurtures for overall holistic well-being. Dive into our wealth of resources and set forth on a path towards enhanced heart health, guided by the principles of yoga and wholesome lifestyle changes. Prioritize your heart’s enduring well-being by embarking on this transformative journey with SAAOL today.

Our Main Treatment

Our highly-specialized team firmly believes in non-invasive methods for treating heart-related problems across all age groups. Our medical treatment is based on the ancient wisdom shared over generations. After comprehensive research, our specialized team has narrowed down 4 different treatment protocols to treat heart diseases.

Holistic Nutrition:

The foundation of your heart's well-being commences with the choices you make in your diet.

Active Lifestyle

Consistent 30 minutes of physical activity is your heart's steadfast companion

Freedom from Tobacco

Tobacco usage can be the make or break factor for your heart's vitality.

Stress Management

Prolonged stress can exact a toll on your heart. The practice of meditation and heart yoga is instrumental in effectively managing stress.


Sustainable Lifestyle Transformations

Commitment to enduring and impactful lifestyle shifts is the true pledge towards a healthier version of yourself.

Routine Health Assessments

Keeping a vigilant eye on and managing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are vital in evaluating your risk profile.

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Hear from the people whose life has been changed with Saaol treatment programs

USer's Reviews

Manik Tyagi

Best place for heart patients.. I have met patients there with two bypass surgery failed and got relief here. It is best option for all heart diseases specially blockages. The treatment of angioplasty and bypass surgery is very expensive and risky. Saaol proviedes a very affordable and non invasive treatment with very positive results in just couple of months. I know many people who got treatment here and are now spending normal life at there homes the best example is one of my family member. Not only the treatment that is cost effective and perfect the team of doctors is also very very cooperative. Dr. Bimal chhajer is awesome, he gives proper time and attention to each and every patient of him. Atleast join one camp by him (SAAOL). If you are a heart patient, before going for angiography or angioplasty visit SAAOL heart center once. Even if you are patient having stents in your heart or have suffered bypass surgery please visit SAAOL heart center. Let us beat heart diseases by knowledge.

USer's Reviews

Devendra Deepak

Saaol science.I have been following on YouTube since long time. Good and Very useful information i got regarding heart patients. I have also seen program on obseity and weight loss and following the same in my personal life and it helps a lot. Good place for heart patients to get right treatment. I also like program Cooking without oil. Nice program. Good keep it up

USer's Reviews


In 2018 I was feeling very uncomfortable so when I got a CT Angiography done, my blockage turned out to be 70% in one artery and 40% in the other. Thereafter I was advised to go through an Angioplasty. I came across Dr. Chhajer's video on Youtube about the alternatives to surgery. Upon consultation I started my treatment and I followed his advise religiously. I must advise you all to have patience and follow discipline will help you heal your Heart health. I got a CT Angiography done after the treatment and my blockage came down to 40%. I am very Thankful to Dr. Chhajer and his entire team.

USer's Reviews


This Hospital is Located in DLF Westend Farms.(right behind the DLF Chattarpur Farms). You can reach here By Metro also. Just get down at Chattarpur metro station and take any Public transport to reach here. This is located on the Mandi Gaon Riad. This is the Best Place for the Treatment for the Heart Disease without any Surgery . Operated by The Doctor Bimal Chajjer.