A Complete Health Book Series Heart attack (English)


Heart attack is one of the top most lifestyle disease occurring in every one single household these days. Thus this book brings to you all the possible knowledge about heart attack, its risk factors, the 21 preventive tips and treatments.

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    I am interested to get information regarding to keep good heart condition as well as your news letter through english

  2. Subhash K Taneja

    I listen to your speech on preventing heart attack, some body sent me on whatsup

  3. Subhash K Taneja

    I am interested to get that one for further good health

  4. Swapnil T

    I am interested in keeping my family health in good condition please let me know how I can get the details regarding the same.

    • sushmita

      Subscribe the Channel for Latest Videos https://bit.ly/2zrg7hE and will remain updated with Dr. Bimal Chhajer

  5. Mukesh jain

    Very interesting presentation. .i have seen video on FB …good knowledge sharing and saving many people life

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