Zero Oil Cook Book (Hindi)


This book is a step to guide people to the food part of the total lifestyle changes required to reverse the heart disease. The food items described in this book will help not only in preventing further deposits of cholesterol and fat inside the heart tubes but also in removal and reversal of the deposits. The most important aspect of this book is cooking many recipes without a drop of oil where the taste stays the same another aspect is its index which gives the person a variety to choose and easily decide what he wants to eat for the day whether South Indian, soups etc. One of the special features of this book is also to allow you to enjoy sweet dishes and desserts without being discouraged about the notion that sweet dishes and desserts are high calories.

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7 reviews for Zero Oil Cook Book (Hindi)

  1. Anand Mohan

    i want to know how can we cook our daily food without oil.I think its a big change in our life if we can use oil free food.

  2. Anand Mohan

    I think its a big change in our life if we can use oil free food.It can save life and make men healthy.

  3. LK sharma

    I want this book and i hope this book give us good tips for health

  4. RamKrishna jha

    I am interestedtoknowaboutthis.

  5. arun kumar shaw

    Oil free food..unespected..lot of thanks for such job

  6. Abhay Raj Sharma

    I would like to know how food is cooked without oil

    • sushmita

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  7. gautamksj

    hi sir
    i want this book please let me know when will be available this book.

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