The SAAOL way

The Program
The Inception The latest, most scientific, non-invasive, permanent and safe treatment for coronary blockages, which is the most common form of heart disease. The age of advanced medical technology has tried Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty for the treatment of coronary heart disease and failed because of the early reblockages & side effects. Science then looked for the cause of the blockages and discovered that the real cause remains unsolved by modern technology and this clue led to the inception of SAAOL Heart Program.
The Methodology Heart disease develops because of the risk factors, which lead to the cholesterol and fat deposits inside the coronary arteries. Controlling these risk factors accurately will not only stop further blockages but also remove the deposited fat from the arteries. With Adequate Knowledge imparted by SAAOL Heart Program and the practical training on Yoga, Lifestyle, Cooking, such accuracy can be achieved by individuals suffering from Heart Disease.
Most comprehensive way The medical doctors are not tuned to teach lifestyleand the yoga teachers lack the medical knowledge about heart disease development and solutions. Little knowledge in most of the heart patients is often inadequate for reversal and is risky too. SAAOL Heart Program has solved all these problems and combined the best of Medical Science and art - the training has been extensively studied, researched and safety of heart patients have been adequately insured. Run by a team of Doctors, Cardiologists, Dieticians, Yoga experts - headed Dr. Bimal Chhajer, M.D. and a former consultant at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi SAAOL is the most successful way to treat heart patients.
The Training
The Non Residential SAAOL Heart Program starts with extensive three day training in a countryside resort where a group of heart patients stay together to learn the science and art of living. Under the guidance of medical doctors, nutritionist, expert yoga guru and trainers, the patients learn the perfect art of heart care and the finest way to live and manage stresses of life. Away from the polluted crowded city, in an atmosphere of serene ambience akin to an Ashram life, the participants are able to learn saaol as if they are in an ashram.
The Non Residential Program, conducted in cities other than Delhi & Mumbai, is usually held in a Hall of Star Hotel. The training begins at 7 AM and the participants attend everyday till 6 PM for three days. The program is equally effective but the patients have an advantage of staying at their own homes. The attendance of spouses is also compulsory in this program.
The Saaol Heart Program would update your health knowledge, flawlessly lead you through yogasana and meditation, train you for a more scientific food selection, practically modify your food behaviour and teach you how to avoid stress, how to communicate better and manage your stresses in daily life. You would emerge as a new person with your cardiovascular system much more secured.
Preksha Meditation - the most scientific and modern system, would bring you to the maximum of relaxation. Kayotsarg - another process of the yogic way to relaxing, would help one to achieve almost instant relaxation. Gurudev Tulsi & Acharya Mahaprajna originally conceived these methods.
To add to a good follow-up, SAAOL also provides a set of adherence forms, video and audiocassettes and adequate reading material for home. These follow-ups are supervised by SAAOL and a long-term maintenance program is also being planned. Saaol also provides facilities for training you at your home.
The Cost Structure
Two-Day Training Course (called Saaol Heart Program), One day training camp (called Heart Lifestyle Training Program or HLTP) and four hour Training camp (Heart Care Camp or HCC) Please contact the coordinator for more information.
Who Can Benefit
The following persons would definitely benefit by joining SAAOL Heart Program, those Who have coronary heart disease proved by positive TMT, exercise Thallium or Angiography.
  • Who are planning for an Angioplasty in the near future.
  • Who plan to have a Bypass Surgery in the near future.
  • Who already have had an Angioplasty or CABG done. These patients have a risk of reoccurrence of coronary artery blockage.
  • Who have reblockages after Bypass Surgery, Angioplasty or Stenting.
  • Who have been declared to be unfit for Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery.
  • Who have High Blood Pressure (Hypertension).
  • Who are over weight.
  • Who have a strong family history of heart disease.
  • Who have had a Heart Attack in the past.
  • Who have Angina pain.
  • Who have High Serum Cholesterol levels (more than 200 mg/dl).
  • Who have High Serum Triglycerides levels (more than 160 mg/dl) or low.
  • HDL cholesterol (less than 40 mg/dl).
  • Who have Diabetes or high blood sugar levels.
  • Executives Who have high job stresses. This information is meant for coronary heart disease patients Who want to know about their disease & its management.
Saaol's Success
Saaol Over Six Years SAAOL is a Rajasthani word, which means, " to do things in the best possible way ". SAAOL is an acronym for the "Science And Art Of Living". The method is a combination of Medical (Allopathic) Treatment along with the training of Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Education about Heart Disease and Dietary Management. The combination is so perfect that not only can it prevent coronary heart disease but it can also reverse the blockages in the arteries.
The last eighteen years (1995 t0 2013) have been very adventurous and successful for SAAOL as it is a completely new concept and more so because it works diagonally opposite to whatever the common practice has been in the last few decades. Initially it was very difficult to convince people that it will work and we had to explain for hours to the prospective participants. Doing it in government hospitals was easy, but in a private setup it was a totally different ball game. But as time passed by, things gradually became easier. By word of mouth the good news of Saaol spread.
Our ex-participants are so convinced and improved that they started recommended their near & dear's. The media also supported us. Lots of people who got reblockages after Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery joined us because they were left with no other alternative, Saaol path lead them to a stage of improvement. The word sparkled like fire and people from distant places came to join the SAAOL Heart Program.
There were people from many states (Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra and many more). A few of them also came from USA, U.K., Middle East, Nepal, Sri Lanka and even from South Africa and Kenya. As Delhi program started doing well we were requested by a lot of people to hold the SAAOL Heart Program training in different parts of the country. One of Our patients Mr. Bijur, from Mumbai was very keen and promised to help in organizing everything for us in Mumbai. He surveyed all the nearby resorts for us in Mumbai, which ultimately resulted in the first SAAOL camp outside Mumbai.
The Background
S-A-A-O-L- stands for Science And Art Of Living. It is the best combination of Modern Medical Science with that of Arts. The name justifies the meaning. SAAOL has another wonderful meaning. It is a very common Rajasthani word - which means, "to do things in the best possible way" or "perfect". What ever you do should be the best or perfect i.e. SAAOL.
SAAOL, the name was suggested by one of my cousins who stayed in NewYork city - Sanjay Jain in 1994. Both of us were having the knowledge of Marwari (Rajasthani language) and the word was so common. It occurred so naturally. We just discussed and derived the "Science And Art Of Living" meaning.
Today I find SAAOL is really the best or perfect. It is the best (SAAOL) combination of Modern Medicines and the ancient art of Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management. The more I think of SAAOL meaning the more it appeals. The name suited me very well.
Dean Ornish USA
Dr. Dean Ornish, a young medical doctor based in San Francisco, U S A is known as a pioneer in the reversal of heart disease. From his earlier days as medical student he learnt yoga and meditation from an Indian Guru. So deep rooted was his belief on the usefulness of the yogic way of life that he started a unique research project where he treated a group of heart patients with proven blockages in their coronary arteries (by quantitative angiography and PET scan) by the yogic way of life, vegetarian diet and stress management.
Another similar group who took the medical management served as control patients. The results of the scientific trial were an eye opener for medical doctors all over the world. Published in the "Lancet", the most prestigious medical journal, the results showed that most of Ornish's patients not only showed a reduction in angina and coronary risks but also angiographically proved the reversal of blockages in their coronary arteries.
Magazines like ReadersDigest and New York Times also published these reports. With Ornish's experiment a new era was established in the management of coronary heart disease and alternatives to angioplasties and CABGs were available. In 1995, JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) published results of Dr. Dean Ornish's patients after 5 years of follow-up, which also showed a persistent reversal of coronary blockages. The latest edition of Braunwald's Text Book (1997), the bible of Cardiologists, also clearly talks and recognises the reversal of blockages.
Dr. Ornish propagated the ancient Indian technology of Yoga for heart disease treatment by publishing a 500-page book, which is now an international best seller. He is now one of the busiest physicians in the USA and also an advisor to the President of USA. Saaol Heart Program draws it's inspiration from the extensive work of Dr. Dean Ornish and is a similar version separately developed by Dr. Bimal Chhajer in India, the land of origin of Yoga. Dr. Bimal Chhajer et al did all the preliminary research at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. It has been developed to be more feasible and to suit even a modernized busy executive. The meditation & diet program are most suitable for the Indians.

The Science And Art Of Living (SAAOL) was established in 1995 and is the most comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and reversal program in India. In 2012 Saaol has 22 branches spread in the Asian sub continent.

Purpose: to change the complete lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart disease through diet modification, stress management, exercise, yoga, meditation, education, and counseling. Our primary goal is to foster independence: enabling individuals to self-monitor their activities and to take primary responsibility for healthier lifestyle behaviors and risk factor reduction. In practical terms, the SAAOL offers the following:
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Dietary counseling
  • Medical evaluation
  • Smoking cessation
  • Risk factor evaluation/stratification
  • Stress management
  • Exercise prescription based on individual functional capacity
  • Education and support for risk factor modification
  • Personalized exercise program
  • Yoga