Yoga for a Healthy Heart

Yoga for Heart

Yoga for a Healthy Heart
Researches now know that including Yoga with other lifestyle changes can prevent or correct Heart problems, including Hypertension and Atherosclerosis. Yoga practice teaches you how to integrate Yoga exercise, breathing, and meditation techniques into your day so that you can make these important lifestyle changes. Yoga practice can make a real difference in the health of your heart by strengthening your body, teaching you how to relax mentally and physically.
The fastest and most effective way to reduce reaction to stress is to change your breath, and an immediate way to improve your breathing is to improve your posture.
Yoga breathing exercises teach you how to breathe more deeply and rhythmically. Breathing exercises cause more oxygen to be pushed through the walls of the lungs. Mentally, you will notice more concentration, willpower, and steadiness.
Yoga exercise improves the health of the entire circulatory system, beginning with the production of blood, which takes place in the marrow of the long bones in the thighs. Improving circulation in the legs by means of daily Yoga stretching exercises helps to rejuvenate the blood. Yoga exercises stretch the body’s major blood vessels, keeping them free-flowing and elastic, Yoga oxygenates the blood and pushes fresh nutrients to all peripheral vessels and capillaries.
The choice of practice yoga will protect your heart as it contributes to greater general health and well-being.

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