How to Identify a Stressed Person?

A good number of individuals we have met over the years do not agree that they are stressed. Mentioned here are some of the changes and responses produced by the human body to stress. As you will shortly observe the maximum of these responses of the human body to stresses are harmful to the individual, his personal, as well as social and professional life.

Physical Changes:
1. Loss of sense of humor.
2. Forgetfulness
3. Loss of common sense
4. Undue fear
5. Loss of memory
6. Lack of clear thinking
7. Loss of creativity
8. Making unnecessary mistakes
9. Speaking incoherently
10. Fumbling

Cognitive Changes
1. Changes in facial expression
2. Body expression
3. Sweaty palms
4. Cold fingers
5. Dry mouth
6. Shaky hands
7. Frequency of urination

Physiologic Changes
Increased Blood Pressure, increased Heart Rate, increased Blood Sugar, increased beta-waves in brain, increased acid secretion in stomach, increased muscles contraction, increased cholesterol, increased triglycerides, increased HDL
Emotional Changes
1. Irritability
2. Short tempered
3. Undue haste
4. State of anxiety
5. Depression
6. Irrational fear
7. Feeling of insecurity
8. Undue aggression
9. Sleeplessness
10. Bad dreams


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