For thousands of years, man has used herbs in medicine and also to improve the flavor of the foods. Today, scientists find that the early doctors and herbalists knew a lot more than the credit they previously received. Most historians believed that many of the herbs were roles as medicine because they either resembled a part of the body or by simple observation when the user showed improvement after taking the herb.

The addition of herbs to meals brings more nutrition without adding more bulk or calories. If you have a fussy eater in the family that only wants potatoes, supplement the nutrition in their food selection by adding the antioxidant oregano or lower the risk of heart disease by flavoring the potatoes with some garlic. If you choose to raise an herb garden to get fresh herbs like pudina, dhania, it’s simple and easy to do 

You even don’t have to do the cooking of your own, you simply can add a few shakes of your favorite herbs onto fast foods, and you’ll put extra nutrition into dishes not known for their high nutritional quality. The term “tasting healthy” takes on an entirely new meaning when you consider the addition of herbs and spices to make a hamburger cooked on the grill can be packed with extra nutrition if you mix a few spices into it.

Further seasonings like coriander (dhania), lemon and vinegar are necessary for cooking various dishes, as when they are added, create special dish flavors either singly or blended. Even a skilled cook or a beginner needs seasonings to cook any dish, especially delicious dish with distinctive flavor and attractive color. Many people say that they are eating seasonings instead of dishes because even delicious ingredients can taste bland and uninteresting without appropriate seasonings. Chinese dishes are well-known all over the world, especially Chinese seasonings will also open your eyes as they are filled with fat and up to you what you want to choose for seasoning fat or spices.

If you’d like to add more nutrition to your family’s health, you simply need to go and add herbs and spices in the food. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to purchase exotic foods from the high priced selection at your grocery. Most spices come as a power package of nutrition, don’t cost that much and a very little goes a long way. These flavor enhancing additions bring great reviews.

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