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Heart Health

The Risk Factor

Risk factors are the reasons, which lead to or aggravate the deposition of cholesterol or fat in the coronary arteries. There are innumerable risks factors for coronary heart disease. Williams in 1981 identified 246 risk factors that directly or indirectly lead to the development and onset of heart diseases.


Healthier Lifestyle

Nearly 20 crores under 30 years of age are hypertensive patients in India and 19% of the total deaths each year are related to heart disease. Detailed estimates from 1990 to 2016 of heart and blood vessel diseases in every state of India show that these diseases have increased. Many are struggling to recover from heart attack or stroke, while others at high risk are getting the care and making the changes necessary to lower their risk. The fact is, you can do plenty for your hearth health, even if you’ve had a bad experience. Healthy lifestyle changes will help you feel and look better! Start today to take control over your future. You’ll find that once you make one change, you are a step closer towards healthy living.

Here are the steps to take

How do I stop smoking?

How do I change my eating habits?

What about physical activity?

Non-Modifiable Risk Factor

Modifiable Risk Factor

What to do after heart Attack

Parameter for Reversal

Causative Factors Usual Cardiology Recommendation SAAOL Recommendation
Serum Cholesterol
130 - 200 mg/dl
Less than 130mg/dl
Serum Triglycerides
60 - 160 mg/dl
Less than 100 mg/ dl
Serum HDL Cholesterol
30 - 60 mg/dl
More than 40 mg/dl
Cholesterol: HDL
4 - 5
Below 4 Ratio
Serum LDL Cholesterol
30 - 130 mg/dl
Less than 70 mg / dl
Blood Pressure (systolic)
120 - 140 mmHg
120 mmHg or less
Blood Pressure (diastolic)
70 - 90 mmHg
80 mmHg or less
Blood Glucose (Fasting)
80 - 110 mg/dl
70-100 mgs %
Blood Glucose (PP)
120 - 160 mg/dl
Less than 140 mgs %
To be reduced
Should be done
Must do, at least one hour
20 - 30% extra (from any chart)
Only 2 - 3 Kg extra allowed permitted from Indian Chart
Fiber intake
Not specified
Plenty everyday
Not defined, Not available
Clearly defined, optimal
Total fat intake
10 - 30% Calories
10% of total Calories
Visible-fat intake
Cholesterol intake/day
Not defined
10 mg/day

Prevent Heart Attacks

The simple message is ‘Do not create more blockages. If you can reduce it, heart attack would never occur.’ It is like a bundle of notes being guarded by a rubber band. If you keep on putting more and more notes inside the rubber band one day the rubber band will break. This is the situation of a heart attack where the membrane also breaks off. Now if you stop putting more notes, the rubber band will never break. Further, if you start taking out one or two notes from the bundle every day, the rubber band will never break. The same principle applies in prevention of heart attack. By controlling all the risk factors of heart disease by adequate changes in the lifestyle can prevent heart attacks. The following are the expected parameters to prevent heart attacks:

What our patient's say

Hear from the people whose life has been changed with Saaol treatment programs

USer's Reviews

Manik Tyagi

Best place for heart patients.. I have met patients there with two bypass surgery failed and got relief here. It is best option for all heart diseases specially blockages. The treatment of angioplasty and bypass surgery is very expensive and risky. Saaol proviedes a very affordable and non invasive treatment with very positive results in just couple of months. I know many people who got treatment here and are now spending normal life at there homes the best example is one of my family member. Not only the treatment that is cost effective and perfect the team of doctors is also very very cooperative. Dr. Bimal chhajer is awesome, he gives proper time and attention to each and every patient of him. Atleast join one camp by him (SAAOL). If you are a heart patient, before going for angiography or angioplasty visit SAAOL heart center once. Even if you are patient having stents in your heart or have suffered bypass surgery please visit SAAOL heart center. Let us beat heart diseases by knowledge.

USer's Reviews

Devendra Deepak

Saaol science.I have been following on YouTube since long time. Good and Very useful information i got regarding heart patients. I have also seen program on obseity and weight loss and following the same in my personal life and it helps a lot. Good place for heart patients to get right treatment. I also like program Cooking without oil. Nice program. Good keep it up

USer's Reviews


In 2018 I was feeling very uncomfortable so when I got a CT Angiography done, my blockage turned out to be 70% in one artery and 40% in the other. Thereafter I was advised to go through an Angioplasty. I came across Dr. Chhajer's video on Youtube about the alternatives to surgery. Upon consultation I started my treatment and I followed his advise religiously. I must advise you all to have patience and follow discipline will help you heal your Heart health. I got a CT Angiography done after the treatment and my blockage came down to 40%. I am very Thankful to Dr. Chhajer and his entire team.

USer's Reviews


This Hospital is Located in DLF Westend Farms.(right behind the DLF Chattarpur Farms). You can reach here By Metro also. Just get down at Chattarpur metro station and take any Public transport to reach here. This is located on the Mandi Gaon Riad. This is the Best Place for the Treatment for the Heart Disease without any Surgery . Operated by The Doctor Bimal Chajjer.

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