Yoga for Reversal of Heart Disease (English)


Heart disease kills more people than any other disease in the world. It is a lifestyle disease -the causes of the disease are known and most of the heart attacks can be prevented by lifestyle changes. Yoga based lifestyle has been used very successfully to prevent and reverse coronary heart disease. Dr.Chhajer presents the details of the lifestyle and Yoga based techniques that can be followed by the heart patients to reverse this common and fatal disease. Postures, Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation has been used by Saaol to successfully treat more than 60000 heart patients in India and abroad – has been explained lucidly in this book. The author also explains about heart disease, the diet, walking and the medical part of the non-invasive way of treating heart disease. This is the best way to avoid Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty and Heart attacks. This book will be a boon for heart patients, physicians, Yoga experts and common people who want to adopt Yoga to prevent heart disease. This book is accompanied by a Yoga DVD.

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  1. Dr Jp singh

    I want to this book yoga for reversal heart disease

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