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Saaol Medical Treatment

SAAOL, has created a forte as the world’s largest chain of non-invasive heart centers having helped over 500,000 patients with a history of unsuccessful heart operations, re-blockages, low ejection fractions, etc. Our specialists are experts in diagnosing different heart problems without using any invasive methods such as any kind of fluid, injection, etc. Our treatment approach is based on allopathic modern medicine, fact-based medical tests, healthy dietary advice and lifestyle management which is far better and easy than surgical interventions. The team utilizes the most efficient technologies to ensure superior quality service, complete patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction available for all.

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Our Main Treatment

Our highly-specialized team firmly believes in non-invasive methods for treating heart-related problems across all age groups. Our medical treatment is based on the ancient wisdom shared over generations. After comprehensive research, our specialized team has narrowed down 4 different treatment protocols to treat heart diseases.

Education & Lifestyle Management

Entails complete training of the heart patient and his/her family member on dos and don’ts for heart patients

Optimum Allopathic Medical Management

Modern medicines from the Allopathic system are prescribed to heart patients to reduce Angina & other risk factors.

Natural Bypass or ECP/EECP

This treatment is a highly accepted UD FDA-approved scientific and non-invasive way to treat heart disease.

Saaol Detox Therapy

A combination of Allopathic Detoxification medicines is given along with Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani and herbal medicines.

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SAAOL Safety Circle

This scientifically proven chart can be used by heart patients to check the status of their disease control. It contains 16 spokes in a wheel where each spoke represents a risk factor with parameters like cholesterol, triglycerides, cholesterol/HDL ratio, BP, sugar control, BMI, tobacco consumption, walking, intake of fats/ oils, consumption of fruits and vegetables, intake of animal foods, Yoga-based exercises, meditation, and stress management. There are three zones in this chart:

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Our treatments

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