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About Zero Oil Cooking

Welcome to the world of zero-oil cooking, where health meets taste in the most delightful way! At SAAOL, we are passionate advocates of zero-oil cooking, a culinary philosophy that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also promotes your well-being. In this era of rising health consciousness, zero-oil cooking stands as a beacon of nutritious, delicious, and heart-friendly cuisine.

What is Zero-Oil Cooking?

Zero-oil cooking, as the name suggests, eliminates the use of cooking oils, a major source of unhealthy fats. It’s a culinary technique that relies on innovative cooking methods and natural flavors of ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes without a drop of oil. This approach not only reduces the calorie content of your meals but also helps in managing cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy heart.

Advantages of Oil Free Cooking

  • Heart Health: Zero-oil cooking significantly reduces the intake of saturated and trans fats, contributing to a healthier heart.

  • Weight Management: With fewer calories from fats, zero-oil meals can support your weight management goals.

  • Better Digestion: Oil-free meals are often easier to digest, making them suitable for those with digestive sensitivities.

  • Enhanced Flavors: Eliminating oil allows the natural flavors of ingredients to shine, resulting in more flavorful dishes.

  • Lower Cholesterol: Zero-oil cooking can help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease.
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Disadvantages of Consuming Oil-Based Foods

While oils are a common ingredient in many dishes, they come with several disadvantages that can impact your overall health and well-being. Understanding these drawbacks is essential to make informed choices, and that’s where zero-oil cooking comes into play as a healthier alternative. Let’s explore some of the drawbacks of consuming oil-based foods:

In contrast, zero-oil cooking focuses on harnessing the natural flavors of ingredients through innovative cooking techniques to create delicious, nutritious meals without the disadvantages associated with oil-based foods. By embracing this healthier approach, you can enjoy satisfying meals that support your well-being and promote a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Why Avoid Oil-Based Food?

In your journey towards a heart-healthy lifestyle, one of the most impactful choices you can make happens right in your kitchen.

Zero-oil Cooking Cuts Calories:

Lower Cholesterol with Zero-Oil Cooking:

Preserve Nutrients Through Zero-Oil Cooking:

Gentler on Digestion:

Reduce the Risk of Chronic Diseases:

Enhanced Natural Flavors:

Therefore, opting for Zero-oil cooking is the most significant step towards a heart-healthy lifestyle and with SAAOL zero-oil cooking recipes, you can begin your journey to better health today!

Mastering the Art of Zero-Oil Cooking: Creative Techniques and Recipes

Steaming Recipe


  • Steaming is a fantastic way to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients in your food.
  • Steam vegetables, dumplings, and even fish for a light and healthful meal.
  • Watch SAAOL zero-oil cooking recipes in Hindi and learn creative and tasty ways to steam dishes.
Steaming Recipe

Baking & Roasting

  • Oven-baked and roasted dishes can be incredibly flavorful without the need for oil.
  • Roast your favorite vegetables, marinated with herbs and spices, for a crispy and savory side dish.
  • Explore zero-oil baking recipes, from savory muffins to guilt-free sweets.
Grilling Recipe


  • Grilling brings out the smoky essence of your ingredients without oil.
  • Prepare marinated vegetables or paneer on the grill for that authentic smokey flavor.
  • Find zero-oil cooking recipes that feature grilled delights..
Grilling Recipe

Stir-Frying Without Oil

  • You can stir-fry without oil. Use vegetable broth or water for a similar effect.
  • Sauté your favorite vegetables, paneer or sweet corn with flavorful sauces and spices.
  • Discover creative recipes without oil with SAAOL that capture the essence of stir-frying
Grilling Recipe

Air Frying

  • Air fryers use hot air circulation to crisp up food with little to no oil.
  • Enjoy guilt-free crispy snacks like sweet corn pops or potato fries.
  • Explore SAAOL zero-oil air frying recipes for a healthier take on fried favorites.
Grilling Recipe

Pureeing and Blending:

  • Create creamy soups and sauces without adding oil.
  • Puree ingredients like yogurt for a soft, flavorful and oil-free dressing.
  • Find out more through SAAOL zero-oil cooking recipes and explore the tasty power of blending.

What are some healthy food recipes without Oil

Some famous and delicious Indian dishes like appe, chilla, chole bhature, chocolate cake, kachori, veg biryani, balushahi, aloo tikki, and many more. Indians don’t know much about zero oil cooking recipes. To teach people how to do cooking without oil and make delicious dishes like these, we have our own Youtube Channel named “SAAOL’s Zero Oil Kitchen”. We have some expert dieticians and nutritionists who will show and explain every step in detail on how to cook delicious food healthily. Some recipes without oil are discussed below.

Kurkuri bhandi

Zero Oil Kurkuri Bhindi

Kurkuri bhindi, is an easy and simple crispy ladies finger zero oil recipe made with tender okra’s. It is a popular north Indian or Punjabi side dish recipe which can be served as an appetizer or as a lunch menu. There are many ways the crispy okra recipe can be made, but this recipe dedicates to the besan and tender okra’s and the best part is its taste similar to fried bhindi with better nutrition value.

Steaming Recipe

Zero Oil Chocolate Cake

Instead of craving for processed and fat indulged cakes and pastries we can go for such cake which is free from oil, ghee and less calorie which can be made at home and a healthy option to feed your cravings for chocolate cake even without all the added fat and sugar so you can enjoy this cake, The cake is a little healthier and lower in fat, but you can hardly tell. It’s still very moist and fluffy and tastes like a regular cake.

Palak Paneer thali

Zero Oil Palak Paneer Thali

As the name suggests Zero Oil Thali! As Indian food cannot be made without oil or ghee is in for a surprise! A thali with delicious zero oil Indian recipes where palak paneer and aloo chokha is taste equally good as compare to restaurant style palak paneer. This zero oil thali will be of great interest to all those who avoid oil and ghee due to health reasons or are trying to cut down on calories.

Masala Gobhi

Zero Oil Masala Gobhi

Cauliflower is an all-time favorite vegetable, but mostly deep-fried or sautéed in oodles of oil. As a healthy change from these formats, try this delicious masala gobhi, Not only is this Indian cauliflower curry oil-free and low-calorie, it is also excessively tasty and nutritious, brimming with the goodness of vitamin C, fibre and calcium. Flavored excitingly with a semi-spicy paste, this wholesome zero oil masala gobhi is a brilliant accompaniment to steaming hot parathas.

Curd Rice

Curd Rice

Curd rice is a South Indian dish made with precooked rice, Curd, herbs & tempering spices. It is more often eaten by South Indians as a part of the meal, all round the year. Apart from being gut healthy, Curd rice is also a comforting summer food which keeps the body cool. A lot of people eat it alongside Podi, papad, Pickle ; some love to top it with pomegranate arils or raw cucumber & onions and here it is prepared without oil so it’s a healthy option to enjoy.

Regular Thali

Zero oil Regular thali

This Zero Oil Thali is complete with a Rajma, Aloo beans, Rice, Roti, Salad. The good part about this Zero Oil Thali is that despite no oil or ghee being used to cook the dishes, they taste just as great and delicious as food cooked with oil. In this Zero Oil Thali you will enjoy the familiar flavors of our regular Indian food and will realize that no oil or ghee has been added at all, and healthy meal as a lunch.

Poha Katelate

Zero Oil Poha Cutlets

Poha or flattened rice is an ingredient that can be used in many ways. From poha various recipes can be made for breakfast as well as snacks. Making cutlets without oil with them is a novel way of using them. Which is very easy, interesting to make and tastes delicious even without oil.

Oats Cooking

Zero Oil Oats Cookies

If you love oats and cookies but want a healthier version, you need to try this recipe ASAP! Not only soft-baked but they still have that classic chewy texture of oats in cookie. These are made with healthy ingredient like oats, dates, jaggery, elaichi powder, baking powder, and milk. Homemade option for dessert or a healthy breakfast.

Zero Oil Nutritional Thali

Zero Oil Nutritional Thali

Have you ever think that Thali a proper meal with sprouts veg, aloo- matar, rice, chapatti, salad which can be prepared at home that it without a single drop of oil which not only fulfill your taste buds but also packed with emense nutrients which will accomplish your nutritional needs and healthy for everyone.

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These are just a few examples of recipes without oil but we know numerous of them and if you are wondering that you neither know their name nor know how to cook them, so we are here to teach you how you can do that. You can visit our Youtube Channel to know how to do cooking without oil, we have made detailed informative videos on many recipes. We have also created a dedicated playlist for you so don’t have to waste your time to find them and can easily access what you are looking for.

Zero Oil Cooking Process

With the help of our expert chefs, we have come up with over 1000 delicious recipes without using a single drop of oil.

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