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EECP Treatment: An Advanced Treatment for Heart Blockages

With the vast amount of knowledge we have, we are well aware of the factors that lead to heart problems. The biggest culprit is smoking, which causes harmful carcinogens to enter our blood, and can significantly damage the lining of the heart. This makes it more difficult for blood to flow through, meaning that oxygen does not get delivered throughout our bodies as efficiently as it should. Other than smoking, a sedentary lifestyle accompanied by stress is also a major cause of heart problems.
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with heart disease, you may be recommended a bypass surgery or angioplasty. But what if we told that there is an alternative cardiac treatment, Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

What is an EECP Treatment?

It is a type of cardiac treatment that uses low-voltage electrical shocks to improve blood flow and oxygenation to the heart. This treatment can be used for people with various types of heart conditions, including congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and angina.
If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with heart disease, talk to your doctor about EECP treatment and whether it may be right for you.

Benefits of EECP treatment

EECP therapy has been proven to be effective in treating various types of heart conditions. In addition, this treatment has also improved the quality of life for patients with heart disease.
– It is a completely non-invasive treatment for the heart
– No post-treatment risks
– Boosted oxygen delivery to the heart
– Pain in the chest has decreased
– Better EKG response
– Reduced usage of nitroglycerin
– Boost in energy
– A person is able to exercise for a relatively long time
– Long-term relief

Who can undergo this treatment?

It’s important to understand that cardiac treatment includes lifestyle changes too. Our experts educates and counsels patients to help them make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of cardiac problems in the future. Individuals who are eligible for EECP therapy are:

● Patients with chronic angina
● Patients had coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) or stents put in the coronary arteries
● Despite having no prior bypass or stenting, continue to suffer from angina

What is the procedure for EECP?

This treatment is typically done in a hospital or outpatient clinic setting. The patient lies on a padded table and electrodes are placed on the chest. These electrodes deliver electrical impulses that cause the heart muscles to contract and relax. The goal of EECP treatment is to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Treatment can help improve symptoms and make it easier to manage the condition.
EECP treatments are typically performed on daily basis but some patients might be recommended for two sessions in a day. The routine for the procedure depends upon the condition and severity of the patient.


EECP treatment alone cannot do the wonders. We at SAAOL– Science and Art of Living help our patients get relief from their misery. In our 26 years of journey, we have treated many patients, and the majority of them we suffering because of their unhealthy lifestyles.

Today we live in a fast-paced competent world where health is often compromised. Experts at the SAAOL center suggest patients make changes in their lifestyle along with the therapy. This helps the lead a healthy life. Our eating habits also play a crucial role. It would be useless to exercise and eat the same junk unhealthy food. So with the help of our chefs, we have also prepared recipes where not even a single drop of oil is used.
Being fit is a matter of choice so make healthy lifestyle choices for a better future.