EECP Treatment Natural bypass surgery

Insights About Natural Bypass Treatment For Heart Blockages

People often overlook the significance of their health as a result of changing their habits to devote considerable amounts of time to work and other activities. Unfortunately, this has caused middle-aged people as well as young adults to see an exponential spike in cardiovascular difficulties during the previous ten years.

Young individuals are more prone to cardiac problems due to many factors, including pollution, smoking, unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns, and medical illnesses like stress and tension. Even younger Indians are experiencing an increase in congestive heart failure as a result of this.

We are well aware of the causes of cardiac problems because of our wealth of knowledge. Smoking is the main offender since it introduces dangerous toxins into our blood and seriously damages the lining of the heart. Because of this, blood flow is made more difficult, which results in less effective oxygen delivery throughout our bodies. In addition to smoking, a sedentary lifestyle combined with stress is another significant contributor to cardiac issues.

A bypass operation or angioplasty may be advised if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with heart disease. What if, we mentioned that Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is a different type of cardiac treatment that can help you in improving your heart condition?

What is EECP?

It is an advanced treatment used to treat heart blockages, especially for those who don’t wish to undergo surgery. Also, known as Natural Bypass Treatment. During the treatment low-voltage, electrical shocks are used in this form of cardiac treatment to increase the heart’s blood flow and oxygenation. 

People with a variety of cardiac diseases, including congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and angina, may benefit from this treatment. Talk to your doctor about the treatment to know whether it could be appropriate for you if you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with heart disease.

What is the EECP procedure?

Hospitals or outpatient clinics are the typical settings for this treatment. While the patient is reclining on a padded table, electrodes are placed on their chest. These electrodes transmit electrical impulses that cause the cardiac muscles to contract and relax. The purpose of EECP treatment is to improve quality of life while reducing symptoms. Treatment can help relieve symptoms and simplify illness management. Depending on the patient’s health, it takes an hour or longer each day to complete the treatment. Two treatments a day may be recommended for certain people.

Who is eligible for this treatment?

Patients with chronic angina, those who have undergone coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), or those who have had stents placed in their coronary arteries but still have angina are suitable for EECP treatment.

It’s crucial to realize that this natural bypass treatment for heart blockages also entails lifestyle modifications. To assist patients to improve their lifestyles and lower the risk of developing cardiac problems, our experts educate and counsel them.

Advantages of EECP treatment

It has been demonstrated that EECP treatment is useful in treating a variety of cardiac problems. As a result, people with heart disease can have a higher quality of life.

– It is a cardiac treatment that is entirely non-invasive.

– No complications occur post-treatment

– Increased oxygenation of the cardiac muscle

– The chest pain is less intense.

– Improved EKG response

– Nitroglycerin use has decreased

– An increase in energy

– A person can exercise for a considerable amount of time.

– Long-lasting relief


Only receiving EECP treatment can’t work miracles. We at SAAOL- Science and Art of Living aid in the alleviation of our patients’ suffering. We have treated a lot of patients over the course of our 26-year journey, and the majority of them were suffering as a result of their bad lifestyles which consisted of unhealthy eating habits and high-stress levels.

The current society moves rapidly and efficiently, which often puts health at risk. The SAAOL center’s experts advise patients to adjust their lifestyles in addition to receiving treatment. We promote living a healthy lifestyle with easy modifications. Our food habits are also very important so we advise the patients to switch to zero cooking oil recipes. Exercise and the same bad eating would be pointless. So while improving the eating habits it’s essential to adopt a fitness regime that would align with the body’s needs. Always remember, making healthy lifestyle decisions today will pave the way for a fitter you tomorrow.