Zero Oil Cooking

Zero Oil Cooking: Importance & Benefits

Cooking with oil adds flavor to food and is also an easy means to keep the food from sticking to the pan or grill. Even in small quantities, cooking oil contains loads of calories and fat, which adds up quickly. 

While healthy, unsaturated fats help our bodies to perform essential tasks, we only need 20-35% of our daily calories from fat. We can certainly cut down on the amount of oil by a few tablespoons each day using substitute methods like baking, frying, grilling, and roasting. 

High consumption of saturated fat increases blood LDL concentration which is risky for cardiovascular diseases. LDL cholesterol is often called the “bad” cholesterol because it collects in the walls of your blood vessels, raising the chances of health problems like a heart attack or stroke.

Zero Oil Diet Plan  

It’s the food intake that offers the nutrients for the body to function properly. This also reflects on the correct intake of calories. Calories are an indicator of the energy content in the food. Following the food intake, these calories are consumed in any activity.  

There are several reasons we should go in for Zero-Oil Cooking. 

  • Oils are one of the most calorie-dense foods on Earth. While some fat is necessary for the diet, we’re usually already getting a sufficient amount from other sources.
  • Some oils are highly processed. The only nutrients left in processed oils are vitamins E and K. Whole foods, on the other hand, are almost always a healthier option than a processed version. 

What is Zero Oil Cooking?

This involves every standard cooking method without oil or by using a healthy substitute for oil.

Oil-Free Recipes:

Sauteing and Stir-Frying – This is an easy way to implement oil-free cooking when you saute and stir-fry meals without compromising the taste or result. 

How to Saute without Oil?

Once the pan is hot, water or chicken, beef, or vegetable broth is added to saute vegetables without oil. This liquid works, in the same way, to keep the pan and ingredients from burning. Water evaporates much more quickly than cooking oil, so one can double the typical amount you’d use as a replacement. You can also use non-stick cookware that often doesn’t need any liquid at all.

Stir-frying delicate ingredients like tofu can be a little tricky and one has to add even more liquid to the pan as needed because it will evaporate very quickly. Frying chicken without oil works much the same way, but fattier chicken cuts do not require as much liquid. 

Simply to reduce oil without entirely omitting it, one can use an oil sprayer. It spreads the oil evenly in the pan so that only a fraction of the regular amount of oil is utilized thereby reducing it. 

Baking Without Oil

Replacing oil with applesauce is a commonly used way to lighten up the dessert be it cakes, muffins, or bread. Sometimes substituting for oil in baking turns out even better, since the substitutes can add more depth to the final flavor of the recipe and some extra nutrients.

How to Bake Without Oil?

In baking, oil can be conveniently replaced with fruit or vegetable puree, mashed avocado, coconut milk, yogurt or vegan yogurt, a variety of nut butter, dates, almond flour, or even coconut butter. 

Roasting Without Oil

 By using another cooking technique it is possible to roast vegetables oil-free without completely drying them out.

Steaming or boiling the ingredients beforehand to keep the moisture inside them as they roast along is an efficient method. One can add the seasonings in between. You can roast at a high temperature for a lower time since the pre-steaming already cooks the vegetables partially. People utilize parchment paper to line the roasting pan to keep the ingredients from sticking.

Making Deep-Fried foods without Oil

A deep-air-fryer is an oil-free fryer that provides incredible results. This device uses little to no oil and pushes extra-hot air around the food to crisp them to perfection. If you are using a deep fryer, one must choose a healthier oil

Benefits to Oil-Free Cooking

Weight loss. Cutting down on oil promotes a healthy weight and hence leads to weight loss 

Heart health is taken care of.

It increases our energy and stamina.

Due to the above factors, the overall health is taken care of.

The importance of Zero Oil Cooking is specially matched to specific diseases like heart risk or obesity. In these circumstances using water or broth to substitute for oil, Steaming vegetables before roasting on parchment paper, getting a similar result to deep-frying with the help of an air fryer, and combining some of the many oil substitutes makes food come with lesser calories.

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