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6 cooking ways for a Healthy Heart, you probably did not know!

“Food gives us energy”, there is nothing new in this, and we all know that the food we eat gives us energy but did you know that the same food, which gives us energy can also lead us to the path of heart problems like angina, heart attack and even heart stroke? Most of our food is cooked in oil. Now this could be any oil, which might have been used by family members, as a part of the secret recipe for years. But oil is oil and it could increase the risk of heart problems. This happens because oil plays a role in increasing cholesterol levels that have a direct impact on one’s heart.  Do you know, many of these unprocessed oils (oils that are extracted through pressure and not heat so that they don’t lose their nutritional value) become unstable when cooked to high degrees. They begin to lose nutrients and become sources of unwanted, additional fats and calories. When heated over the smoke point, oils emit poisonous vapours and carcinogens, making them dangerous. As a result, these healthy oils are best taken raw (for example, as a salad dressing) or cooked on low heat.

What should be done?

Zero-oil cooking method is slowly becoming a popular choice especially among the plant-based community. These people prefer intake of carbs than fats. With the guidance of experts at SAAOL Science and Art of Living, chefs have listed the following ways you can cook without a single drop of oil. 
  1. Sautéing: It is the process of frying food in a minimal amount of fat. It is the process of transferring heat from a pan to food, which is frequently lubricated by a thin layer of oil that keeps food from adhering to the pan and assists in heat conduction, browning the surface of meat or vegetables. However, no cooking oils are required with zero-oil cooking. If you do detect some light sticking, simply deglaze the pan with a dash of broth or water.
  2. Poaching or steaming: This process will cook your food using either boiling water or steam from it. This is a quick and simple method for cooking vegetables, protein, dumplings, desserts, and more! After steaming or poaching your meal, mix it with sauces or dressings to truly bring out the taste.
  3. Roasting in the oven. Simply season your meal as usual and keep it in the oven using parchment paper or reusable silicone baking mats. The end result will be flawlessly roasted foods with no need for oil.
  4. The slow cooker an excellent equipment to have on hand if you are too busy to make a whole dinner. Simply combine all of the ingredients (except the oil) and let them do the work. Slow cookers are excellent for making high-quality stews, soups, meats, and curries.
  5. Electric pressure cookers/Instant pots: While slow cookers cook at lower temperatures for a longer period of time, instant pots are totally sealed and cook at higher temperatures, resulting in shorter cook times. Instant pots can make all of the foods that slow cookers can, but at a faster rate, and they even offer extra cooking capabilities like cake, yoghurt, steam, and sauté. All without the need of any additional cooking oil.
  6. Fry in the air: This cutting-edge kitchen gadget promises to be a healthier alternative to deep frying. Air fryers are better and healthier, rather than drowning dishes in vats of oil. Pump hot air around the food, generating crispy and crunchy textures comparable to traditional deep fried foods. However, if you want to truly replicate deep frying, air fryer manufacturers recommend using a little quantity of oil or high smoke point cooking spray.


Heart diseases are rapidly increasing so it’s important to look after our health, as heart diseases don’t just impact you they impact your family too. We often make a lot of healthy lifestyle choices. From our dietary habits to lifestyle management, we try & do it all. But we forget about these small changes that actually have a huge impact on our heart and health.  Shifting from oil to zero-oil cooking might take some time but it will definitely lead you on the path of a healthier future.