Chaulai / Amaranth (Amarnath leaves)

The botanical name of Chaulai / Amaranth (Amarnath leaves): Amaranthus. Common uses: chulai ka saag, pigweed. Parts used: leaves, seeds, oil. It has many varieties, the color varies from red to green. Chaulai / Amaranth grains (amaranth flour)are high-protein grains that have several ailments. The oil of amaranth is good for hair growth. It is an incredible source of iron, good for anemic people. The high dietary fiber content of amaranth grain improves the digestive system of our body, while also reducing cholesterol levels which leads to improved cardiovascular health. It is good for bone health as the calcium level is high.   Chaulai / Amaranth (Amarnath leaves) grains works wonders for your hair, strengthening them and making them more lustrous. Amaranth is found to be a richer source of calcium than milk, making it the perfect food for improving bone health. The vitamin C content of this grain helps in boosting the immune system, while the high vitamin-A concentration helps in improving the health of the eyes. Other uses include helping in weight loss, controlling diabetes, boosting muscle growth.  

Benefits of Chaulai / Amaranth (Amarnath leaves):

  • The sodium and potassium content is also good in maintaining electrolyte balance.
  • Amaranth grains apart from their culinary uses, this grain is used for medicines.
  • For hair care
  • It has folic acid that helps the body to maintain new cells, it also helps in red blood cell formation hence preventing anemia.
  • Amaranth is good for eye health as well, loaded with beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A.
  • Good for bone health.

Nutritional aspects of Chaulai / Amaranth (Amarnath leaves) (per 100gm):

–   Chaulai / Amaranth grain is rich in several vitamins, minerals, and a great source of protein, without adding fat to the body. –        Chaulai / Amaranth Grains (amaranth flour) are also found to be a rich source of fatty acids and amino acids –       Carbohydrates – 19 g – Fiber- 2 g –   Protein- 3.8 g – Vitamin B6- 9% – Vitamin E- 2% – Iron- 27%  –  Fat – 1.6 g   To learn More about facts Click Here